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The pictures of patio chair sling replacements above are from our customers' own DIY Patio Furniture Rehab. See their responses and others here!

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NOTICE: As of May 2019 our finish & sandblasting services may be on hold until further notice.

We are now offering Sandblasting and Painting Services for metal here in our Pennsylvania shop. We can sandblast most aluminum, steel, or wrought iron pieces weighing under 75 pounds and can fit through a 7 foot high and 4 foot wide door into our sandblast room. Length is limited to 8 feet. Services available for local region of Pittsburgh PA, Erie PA, Cleveland Ohio. Most of this must be brought to our shop by appointment only. Please contact us for more information.

Patio Pool furniture sandblasting metal aluminum steel wrought iron

Factory-like Finish...

A tough factory-like electrostatically applied catalyzed topcoat finish designed to endure the outdoor elements. This coating works great on ferrous metals with deep crevasses where powders can not reach. This is our standard coating available in many solid colors. It is possible to produce a custom color if you have a number of pieces.

Special Powder Coatings...

Works great on all cast, solid, or tubular aluminum for outdoor or indoor. Some wrought-iron/steel furniture which is used in a kitchen or enclosed porch can receive this coating. Some ferrous metal used outdoor which has shallow crevasses will also do well with this. The furniture is completely stripped of old coatings and the metal is cleaned and prepared. Then the powder is applied and baked in an oven until the metal temperature reaches 375 degrees for 20 minutes. This process is applied at our location in W PA.

Also available: Other special epoxy coatings for indoor kitchen wrought-iron sets of furniture.

In shop example of our "Silver Vein" Cardinal Coating:

By PPG Powders

*For our special powder coatings we use particular PPG and Cardinal powders*

From September through December we have these special powder coatings available for aluminum patio or pool furniture or indoor wrought-iron/steel furniture:


By Cardinal

Bronze Pearlescent

By Cardinal

 Patina Texture

By Cardinal

Rust Texture

By Cardinal

Verdigris Texture

By Cardinal

(Our standard coating colors may be applied to all metal frames including tubular aluminum, solid or cast aluminum, wrought-iron/steel, and cast iron)

This example of Winston Key West patio furniture was restored for our customer in Bridgeville, PA. Both the Rust Texture powder coating and custom replacement slings were finished here at A+Redemption, Inc.

In shop example of our "Patina Texture" Cardinal Coating:

In shop example of our "Stone Speckle Texture" PPG Coating:

        (Actual furniture samples or other samples are available for your review as well)

All restored through A+ Redemption...

Grape Vine

Winston Key West Sling

Brown Jordan Tamiami

Winston Vinyl Strap


Brown Jordan

Medallion Strap

Brown Jordan  Wrought-Iron

Please email or call 724-748-5382 for specific pricing.

What do you need?

A+Redemption offers complete restoration, repair, or refurbishing of patio, pool, lawn, porch, and deck furniture. We can make repairs and restore to like new condition your chairs, chaises, ottomans, tables and the rest of your quality outdoor furniture. Also, wrought-iron kitchen furniture is restored here. We offer durable coatings, vinyl strap replacements, lacing replacements, sling replacements, and many other patio furniture parts and supplies for your patio furniture repair needs. We work with names like Winston, Brown Jordan, Woodard, Tropitone, Telescope, Mallin, Lyon Shaw, Innova, Meadowcraft, Medallion, Molla, Carter Grandle, Crown Leisure, Superior, Homecrest, Samsonite and other high quality name brand furniture.  Re-strapping or re-lacing is available with 100% pure vinyl which has UV protection. We do not use inferior plastic or rubber straps or lacing. We offer a quality electrostatic finish or a premium powder coating. We also have some of the best quality sling replacements available in many durable outdoor fabric choices for your patio or pool furniture. Umbrella repairs or replacements and custom cushion replacements are other services we offer. Pick-up and Delivery service is available in the West PA, East OH areas as well as some other locations.

All pictures of furniture found on this website or our other website are actual pictures that we or our customers have taken of restoration or products produced and/or supplied through A+Redemption, Inc.. You will  not find stock photos of furniture here, so you can know that what you see is what you get.